Monday, February 21, 2011

Mixed Wrestling ,cartoons

Hello my name is Bravo Christian, and I have lived in Mexico for 29 years, I am a computer career and my whole life I have lived under the shadow of Windows, I met a few years ago Linux and Mac OS, to experience buying a Mac Mini with Tiger PPC processor and 512 RAM, the machine really worked to perfection but for work I kept updating my equipment and leave it a little mini forgotten.

a couple of months ago finally turned one of the biggest dreams of my life "I Case" haha \u200b\u200band then started a new life to buy a flat screen and the Mac Mini is brought to life as a Media Center. You wonder why your life tell me a tech blog, well it just my Mac Mini works with a PPC processor as and Apple are already extinct is no longer useful but I see movies on RMVB DIVX HD 6 and even I played without problems Rip a movie in HD with 8 gigabyte Matroska, so I said to my Mini still has some life, but is very complex to find the software for it.

Throughout this blog we will publish software (will try everything freeware is hehe) we can use our "old" Mac in my case and from there, in terms of requirements I have a Mac Mini PPC to 1.4 Gh processor with 512 RAM and a 40-gigabyte DD, so I started this blog I hope it serves any computer user with a PPC. Greetings and Welcome.


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